Affiliate Disclaimer

When we kicked off DogNerdly, it was with a goal of doing things differently than other pet blogs. We want to be transparent about who we are, what we are doing, and how it may affect you, the reader. To accomplish this, we need to be upfront with you. We know it's not the trendiest thing for a company to spill all the beans, but hey, we're rebels.

When you spot clickable stuff on the site, we want you to know that we might get a little high-five in the form of commissions for sending you to other sites. As a reader-supported website, it is important that we can keep serving up epic content. In order to do this, these commissions help pay the bills.

We are very selective of the brands we work with and only recommend companies we believe in, that support our goals of pet empowerment and improving the human-pet bond. DogNerdly is all about making pet lovers like you happy, so we only vouch for products we've sniffed out and tried ourselves. Just as much as you, we hate spam, and will never work with brands that we haven't vetted.

DogNerdly also works with the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. That means we earn our keep by advertising and linking to Clicking straight to Amazon and other cool companies makes your life easier, and it helps us keep the lights on – win-win!

As we grow, it may be hard for us to point out every affiliate link, so it's cool if you assume all links may provide a compensation to DogNerdly. We're here to keep the good vibes flowing and the great content coming your way. Got questions about our affiliate disclaimer? Hit us up on the contact page and ask away.

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