Joseph Schifano

Joseph Schifano is the President of The Academy of Pet Careers and Founder of DogNerdly.

With over 20 years of professional pet experience, Joseph got his start as an owner/operator of a 7-figure, all-inclusive pet care business. From there, he purchased The Academy of Pet Careers with a hopes of improving the quality of care provided by industry professionals. This role allowed Joseph to rub shoulders with some of the biggest names in the industry, and gain knowledge in every aspect of pet care.

After witnessing the popularity of social media influencers and the amount of misinformation being taught to pet parents, Joseph decided to create DogNerdly. The goal was to provide science-backed education for the average dog nerd in order to create a world where dogs and humans can live a more harmonious and empowered lifestyle.

How to Socialize a Dog

How to Socialize a Dog: Expert Tips for a Confident Canine

In this comprehensive guide on how to socialize a dog, I will share essential tips and strategies for ensuring your canine companion becomes well-adjusted and sociable. I’ll cover the importance of socialization, key elements of the process, practical steps to

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